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In the beginning of August, Barbara is going to have her hair shaved. A friend of ours has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, only because she took the time to self-examine each week. She is too young to have routine mammograms. We all know a bit about what we should do, but few of us are as diligent as she is. Chemo therapy will result in her losing her hair. Barbara wants to be with her, as much as any of us can. So Barbara’s hair is going. Watch out for a photo to prove it!! Please donate, if you want to, through:

JustGiving: Online fundraising donations and ideas

Type in my name, Barbara Bennett, on the top of the website where it says search for a charity, friend or project and I should come up with Breast cancer awareness next to it. Any problems please email me and I will try to help. I am not very good with computers!!!

The money raised will go to cancer research and hopefully enable ladies to become more aware of the need to look after their own bodies.  As important as any donation, please read up all you can on Breast Cancer, look on the websites about breast cancer, talk to your family and friends about it.
Be aware of your body, we are only given one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I hope you have a great time this summer and look forward to seeing you and your pets at our kennels very soon.
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